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Copy Trades

Up To 100 Sub-Accounts Simultaneously

Trades are created in a master account and copied to multiple sub-accounts (max 100). Each sub-account can have separate entry controls including entry order size, number of entries per directions, and option to exit existing sub-account positions.

Copy Trade.png

Bot-Traders Interactions

Effective Communication for Results

While bot is running, traders can interact with Bot making appropriate adjustments as market conditions change and unexpected events occur.

Bot-Traders Interaction.png


Records of Trade Histories and Cost Basis Calculations

While bot is running, trades created by Bot and the associated cost basis (Lowest cost Method) are calculated and stored in client's local computer storage. This type of bookkeeping can then be used for cross-checking those calculated by brokers and supporting tax purposes.


Ranging and Trending Markets

Trading in Both Long/Short Directions

Trading-Bot can detect signals in both trending and ranging markets trading in both long and short directions. Trading-Bot detects market bottoms to exit short and enter long trades and detects market tops to exit long and enter short positions. Market bottoms and tops are detected using main signals supported by various indicators.

trending-ranging market.png

Position Management Depth

Better Position Management with More Flexibility

Stock positions are managed at the finest resolutions, filled levels. In general, a position is created by multiple entry orders, each of which can be partially filled at multiple times with different filled prices and filled quantities. Decisions to exit trades are calculated based on exit signals and as a function of the finest resolutions, entry fills.

Position Management Depth.png

Voice Announcement

Quick Conveyance of Trading Information

Voice announcement makes it easy to quickly convey trading information while allows traders to focus attention elsewhere. Voices are announced any time orders are submitted or filled. Voices can be customized based on specific demands. However, the basic voice announcement includes the following information:

  • Account holder name

  • Instrument name

  • Order action (Entry or Exit)

  • Directions (Long or Short)

  • Order status (Submitted or Filled)

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